Public Law Center (PLC) provides access to justice for low-income residents of Orange County.

PLC is committed to addressing the legacies of inequity that have historically shaped the social, political, and economic landscape in Orange County. PLC will integrate the principles of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion into its work, including by:

  • Enhancing the provision of our services to all clients; to raise the level of positive client outcomes and to create an inclusive and respectful space in which different identities and life experiences are acknowledged and valued.
  • Collaborating with client communities and advocates within those communities to provide legal services, broad advocacy and outreach and education based on community needs/requests.
  • Critically examining PLC’s policies and practices to continue to promote an equitable and inclusive culture where every client, community member, staff member, and board member can thrive.


Equity is creating access and opportunities for all clients, community members, staff, and board members. PLC will work to dismantle any cultural, social, economic, and environmental barriers that directly impact clients, communities, staff, and board members to create a truly equitable world.

PLC recognizes and cherishes diversity as a broad concept that includes thoughts, perspectives, experiences, ideas, backgrounds and identities.

Inclusion means that every client, community member, staff member, and board member, as their authentic selves, feel like they belong, are valued, and may fully engage.