Nearly 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men in the United States have suffered severe physical violence by an intimate partner. During National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, PLC and its partners throughout Orange County reaffirm our dedication to forge a community where no one suffers the hurt and hardships that domestic violence causes.

Throughout the year, PLC’s Family Law Unit works to uphold the basic human right to be free from violence and abuse. One such way is our DV Clinic in partnership with the Orange County Superior Court. Volunteers from UCI Law School, corporate law departments like PIMCO and Verizon Wireless, and several law firms make it possible for women and men to complete their declarations and secure their temporary restraining orders.

PLC’s commitment to DV survivors extends well beyond the clinics. For instance, our Family Law Unit recently assisted an individual obtain their temporary restraining order at a DV Clinic. However, she needed further assistance and visited PLC’s headquarters in Santa Ana. Unfortunately, her abuser appeared and tried to prevent her from entering our building. After police arrived, PLC was able to help her draft her declaration and prepare for her hearing. Our client had suffered from having a bike thrown at her, elbows to the eye, and head butts to her face. With our assistance, our client was granted a five-year restraining order and will hopefully be able to move on from the violence and abuse.

PLC encourages the Orange County legal community to be part of the solution to this grave problem and, together, we can raise awareness and change lives for the better.