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Santa Ana, CA—The non-profit Public Law Center (PLC) provides free legal assistance to students affected by the recent and upcoming closures of for-profit schools such as Corinthian Colleges, Marinello Schools of Beauty and Westwood Colleges. Over the past couple of years, many students have been unable to complete their education or left with a degree from an institution that no longer exists. The students who are enrolled at the time of closure are usually given very little notice and are given the choice of transferring to a new school or seeking a discharge of their student loans. The students are not provided much information about either option before they are asked to make a decision that could impact them the rest of their lives.

More information on the closure of Corinthian and potential relief for the students can be found at and More information on the closure of Marinello can be found at and More information on the upcoming closure of Westwood Colleges can be found at

“It is crucial that students who have attended these for-profit schools fully understand the financial consequences of each available option so they can make an informed choice,” said Leigh Ferrin, Directing Attorney of PLC’s Consumer Unit. “Students who do not transfer their credits should be eligible for a closed school discharge of their federal student loans, and then can apply to the state to get their private loans forgiven. Students who transfer their credits will still be responsible for those student loans, as well as any new loans required by the new school.”

“There is no clear ‘correct’ course of action, and each student must carefully consider their unique circumstances,” continued Ms. Ferrin. She advises students to “take your time, ask lots of questions, and fully understand what your options are.”

PLC assists students who attended for-profit schools that have closed by reviewing their student loans and advising the students on the financial impact of transferring. For students who decide not to transfer their credits, PLC can assist them in filing for a discharge of their federal and private student loans. These legal services are provided at no charge. PLC is non-profit law firm which provides free legal assistance to low-income residents of Orange County.