Over the past 35 years, hundreds of law students have helped PLC accomplish its mission of providing access to justice in Orange County. They in turn gain valuable skills and experiences that help launch their careers as lawyers. This summer, PLC provided just that experience to seven law clerks that we know will make their impact on people’s lives over the next 35 years.

Dallas Diogostine, Rising 2L @ UC Irvine – Veterans
“Hopefully, in 35 years I will be working for a large law firm and still making time for pro bono cases, because the clients that we help at the Public Law Center are the clients who need our help the most.”

Giulia Moore, Rising 2L @ Southwestern – Housing & Veterans
“In 35 years I see myself being in my dream legal job at the Public Defender’s office. I believe the Public Defender’s office is a perfect cross section of my passion for public interest and criminal law.”

Julie Hartle, Rising 3L @ UC Irvine – Housing & Veterans
“Over the next 35 years, I hope to be an instrumental part of teams at both the local and national level who oversee the massive expansion of affordable housing, increased racial integration of housing, and increased minority homeownership across the country.”

Jenny Chien, Rising 2L @ UC Irvine – Housing
“In 35 years, I see myself remaining an ardent public interest advocate. I hope I will have made meaningful contributions toward expanding access to justice and be able to celebrate the successes of the public interest law community.”

Bao Pham, Rising 2L @ UC Irvine – Consumer
“In 35 years I see myself continuing to do the work that I have enjoyed doing so much at PLC. Whether it is through starting my own nonprofit, doing pro bono, or volunteering with PLC and helping it continue its mission, I plan to be an active contributor to the community.”

Marie Sutton, Rising 3L @ Chapman – Health
“I am starting my legal career at an age when some people are retiring, but I intend to live to a ripe old age. So in 35 years I very much hope that I will continue in the spirit of the Public Law Center – serving the underserved who have less access to opportunities.”

Daniel Nettles, Rising 2L @ UC Hastings – COLAP
“In 35 years I see myself reflecting on a fulfilling legal career that will be the impetus of me forming my own nonprofit. Community has always been important to me and I would like to one day leverage my experiences as a means to give back.”