PLC seeks to effect large-scale change in areas that affect the poor by engaging in both public policy advocacy and impact litigation. PLC’s advocacy and litigation efforts are broad-based and focus on a variety of areas impacting the poor in Orange County, including:


  • Expanding affordable housing
  • Fighting for tenants faced with substandard housing
  • Combating predatory lending, housing and housing-related frauds, including foreclosure; fraud and home improvement fraud
  • Supporting equal access to housing for the disabled and homeless, including expanding affordable housing options and combatting discriminatory zoning


  • Supporting efforts to expand access to quality physical and mental healthcare
  • Supporting efforts aimed at increasing funding of healthcare programs
  • Supporting efforts to break down language barriers which impair the delivery of healthcare to low-income immigrants
  • Supporting efforts to improve services to persons living with HIV or AIDS

Consumer Fraud

  • Supporting local, regional and statewide efforts that are directed at combating consumer fraud.

Access to the Courts

  • Supporting local and statewide efforts designed to ensure that statutes, court rules, court forms, court procedures and other court related practices are designed and implemented to increase access to the courts by low income persons or persons with limited English proficiency
  • Supporting local and statewide efforts designed to ensure that the courts are adequately funded and that innovative programs that provide benefit to low income litigants are not eliminated or significantly cut back.