Founded in 1993, PLC’s AIDS Legal Assistance Project (ALAP) is Orange County’s only legal service program dedicated to assisting low-income persons living with HIV or AIDS. Legal services are essential to ALAP clients because they substantially reduce stress and allow persons living with HIV to focus on their health and well-being rather than their legal problems. ALAP provides free legal assistance with a variety of matters related to our clients’ HIV status, including:

  • Employment accommodation and discrimination matters to ensure a vital source of income and health insurance
  • Confidentiality and discrimination issues to protect privacy
  • Housing cases to ensure safe living conditions and prevent homelessness
  • Insurance disputes to safeguard access to health care
  • Guardianships and adoptions to provide peace of mind
  • Estate-planning to retain the dignity of our clients

ALAP also distributes client education materials and conducts community education programs for clients and staff at HIV service agencies on a wide variety of legal issues.